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Posted by Michael Wickerson, December 4th, 2017
Along with Beth Wickerson, the co-founder of Wickerson Studios, we have continued to operate Wicker Sons Foundry in honor of our three children, Oscar, Max and Ella.

After eight years working on cultivating the land and building several earthworks and ruins, we feel that it is time to focus on a home and school that will provide a space for our children to grow, toil, and learn.

On May 4 th, 2015 our family began collecting anything and everything on our 14 -acre property in Kansas that spoke to our seasonal experience with the land and began to reify our living experience into bronze casting on a daily basis.

Starting with the spring morel mushrooms, we then discovered irises, cicadas, stones, and bones. With 18 years of metal casting experience, I feel capable of casting anything and everything into bronze, aluminum, and zinc sand molds. Drafting from life and death around the studios, we are now able to facilitate large and small scale commissions for private and corporate clients and open our doors to our store and treasury.

As a parent, an artist and an educator, I look for those forms that speak to the land and our family experience over the past eight years at Wickerson Studios in the Midwest.  Our children have allowed Beth and I to see the world again, relive the seasons in a new way, and become aware of that which surrounds us.  Both natural and man-made forms grow, decay, and litter the land.  One only needs to open their eyes.  We will make, we will do, and we will not force anything.  There is a peace in indifference and we now know that Life is Too Beautiful.

Michael David Wickerson,
Director at Wickerson Studios/Former Chair of Sculpture, Kansas City Art Institute


16″ x 4.25″ x 0.25″

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