In 2012 I was commissioned to create nine large bronze panels for the Argentine Library in Argentine Kansas. This opportunity was the beginning of weaning myself off of the foundry that I was dependent on at the art institution in Kansas City. I seriously considered establishing my own metal casting practice at Wickerson Studios. Since that time I have succeeded in collaborating several times with Metalabs and A. Zahner Company in Kansas City. These projects required that metal castings be incorporated into larger projects. Aluminum and now zinc have been the most common casting material and the process of utilizing 3D printing and robotics are now being developed further.


A. Zahner Co.KC Public School Board, Argentine LibraryMetalabsNaked ArchitectureSherri Hay, The Factory NYC, Wojtek Biczysko


Featured Projects

Custom casting of found objects and artist's models

Shoes for The Factory NYC

A bronze and aluminum copy of the artist’s shoes. Commissioned by The Factory NYC.

Custom casting of original artist model

Sherri Hay’s Sculpture

Commissioned by Toronto artist Sherri Hay to make an articulating aluminum copy of an original artist maquette.

Wojtek Biczysko’s Dog

Commissioned by Toronto artist Wojtek Biczysko to make a bronze copy of an original steel sculpture.

Robotic Arm Testing

  A series of aluminum and zinc castings were recently completed in experimental trials with foam pieces cut by A. Zahner Company’s robotic arm.

Metropolis Likes Awards

Zahner ShopFloor fabricated a 3-D print of the 2015 #MetropolisLikes NeoCon Award, a viral award program by Metropolis Magazine. Wickerson Studios was employed to cast the print into 35 aluminum plaques.

Commerce Bank Canopy Restoration

A collaborative restoration with A. Zahner Company of the Downtown Kansas City Commerce Bank’s historic canopy after damage in 2013. One year later, Wickerson Studios was able to assist in its complete restoration by casting 197 aluminum festoons, tassels, rosettes and trim castings in 3000 pounds of sand resin molds. Our project involved handling the […]

Argentine Library Exterior Panels

Installation Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around is a nine panel bronze installation designed and created by Michael Wickerson. The three actions: looking up, looking down, looking all around, are literally framed between the castings of vertical stacks of “checked out” books. Towering to the sky these books imply active reading and research, climbing […]

House of the Sun

“This dedication to preserving the past has found a sympathetic ear in the current owner. ‘We wanted to bring everything back to the original — get rid of years of paint, strip the wood, open it up,’ he explains. And it is certainly open: The house, designed in a series of arcs and circles, is […]