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House of the Sun

“This dedication to preserving the past has found a sympathetic ear in the current owner. ‘We wanted to bring everything back to the original — get rid of years of paint, strip the wood, open it up,’ he explains. And it is certainly open: The house, designed in a series of arcs and circles, is a celebration of wood, light, height and space, with personal touches and a glorious collection of art in every corner. Most dramatic? The Mike Wickerson cast aluminum installation covered in ‘Sumerian pictographs showing heaven, earth and the home — home of course, being between the two.’ (The Wickerson work is echoed outside on the redwood door, where the doorbell is cast under a ‘heaven’ pictograph.”

— Ancell, Kate. “A Fine Line.” Kansas City Spaces. Fall/Winter 2006: 38-47. Print.

installation 13 feet high by 13 feet wide
nine aluminum panels cast by traditional greensand technique
Aluminum, Graphile, Wax, Shellac

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