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Vasilisa and the Witch – The Photography of Jill McKeever at Wickerson Studios

Vasilisa the Witch

Are you interested in supporting Wickerson Studios? If so, we have just published a unique catalogue that showcases Jill McKeever’s photography and Michael Wickerson’s architectural structures at Wickerson Studios located in Kansas City, Kansas.

The publication is entitled, Vasilisa and the Witch, and can be ordered for $29.99 though Blurb:


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Over the past seven years Wickerson Studios has been visited by four legendary artisans and craft-persons: Big Jos Montferrand wielded his chainsaw and constructed the first dwelling, Hamlet’s Mill, during the hot and humid months; Mackenzie Inu labored ceaselessly molding and firing clay artworks within Herdra’s alchemic portal; Ole, the Blacksmith, forged and cast bronze emblems throughout Wickerson Studios among falling leaves; and Ursula Biringuccio, who appeared from the north, set about by casting iron during the windy and icy winter nights.


Vasilisa and the Witch

By Wickerson Studios LLC