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Wickerson Studios Has An Expansive Affect

Artist Rowen Foster recently created a body of sculpture for an exhibition entitled Herdra: Regenerated. Wickerson Studios is proud to have such an affect on visiting artists and that over half of the work for Rowen’s exhibition came out of our beautiful beast of a kiln, Herdra. In a review of the work, writer Meghan Hendley-Lopez asks of Rowen’s studies and how it has changed her art. Rowen states, “Some professors go so beyond their job requirements, like Michael Wickerson, the head of the Sculpture department, who essentially became my friend and mentor even though he was not officially my teacher. I worked very closely with him throughout the year, going out to his 14-acre land and studios almost every weekend to learn the subtleties of metal casting in his foundry, and helping him create an enormous, old fashioned, adobe and brick, atmospheric salt/soda/wood ash monster of a kiln that we call Herdra.” The article ends with Foster’s poetic writing we posted here recently, Herdra, Herdra, Herdrawhich so eloquently describes some of the inspiration behind the artist’s work.

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