Your Child’s Original Artwork: Metal Casting Workshop For Kids

Aluminum metal casting workshop
Wicker Sons Foundry is now offering art classes teaching metal casting processes to children ages 4-12.

Your child can create a three-dimensional cast metal artwork.
Sessions run until Nov 19th.
Choose your own day and time slot!

Metal Casting Workshop, 90-minute session — $95     RESERVE NOW


Teaching Biography of Michael Wickerson

Michael Wickerson began his metal casting career during his sculpture scholarship in the L.L. Odette Sculpture facility at York University in 1998 while completing his Masters in Fine Arts in 2000. Following two years of research and development, Michael then began an appointment as an assistant professor at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College on the east coast of Canada. In 2001, Michael moved to Kansas City and served 10 of his 15 years of teaching as the chair of the sculpture department at the Kansas City Art Institute and established Wickerson Studios, LLC. in Kansas City, Kansas. He has acted as the co-director and the co-founder of the business with his wife, Beth Wickerson, since 2009.

Currently, Michael is on a one year sabbatical and he has directed his research to further develop working relationships with companies both nationally and internationally in order to partner and complete as many art commissions as possible.  Michael Wickerson is currently working directly with Metalabs in Kansas City, the owner of The Factory NYC, and the owners of AB Studios in Toronto, Canada.

Michael has always assisted independent artists who have required specific artworks to be cast in bronze and aluminum over the years at Wickerson Studios and he is now interested in introducing bronze casting to young adults and specifically young children, age 4 and up. In 2015 Michael established a foundry in his children’s names, Oscar and Max. These two boys are involved in all safe and creative processes and they are both anticipating the birth of their third business partner and sibling in the late summer of 2016.

Michael Wickerson is committed to the nurturing and developing young minds that may have future interests in the sciences and the arts on many productive and creative levels.

Michael intends to see the world again and grow along side his own children’s interests, all the while encouraging them, and any other young person, who might like to experience the hands on appreciation for the visual arts


“Some professors go so beyond their job requirements, like Michael Wickerson, the head of the Sculpture department, who essentially became my friend and mentor even though he was not officially my teacher. I worked very closely with him throughout the year, going out to his 14-acre land and studios almost every weekend to learn the subtleties of metal casting in his foundry, and helping him create an enormous, old-fashioned, adobe and brick, atmospheric salt/soda/wood ash monster of a kiln that we call Herdra…”

-Rowen Foster, 2016

Kansas City Art Institute chair of sculpture Michael Wickerson is a bundle of contagious energy. The 38 year old professor and father of two, 4 and 2 year old boys, is passionate about the art and technical aspects of making a work of art. KCAI Students know he is also vigilant about safety. The Workshop at the school’s foundry demonstrated to our group of a dozen visitors from St. Louis this chilly Saturday morning in February what it means to study fine art. Wickerson says, ‘The study of art is changing in profound ways. We want students to fail. It is through trial and error we earn the best opportunities to learn. You begin with a concept and from there you need to explore ways to create your vision’…”

-Wes Morgan, 2014

“Michael Wickerson’s sabbatical year of 2010 is a year of great accomplishment, growth and inspiration. After forming a strong student to professor relationship my junior year in the Sculpture department at the Kansas City Art Institute, I decided to continue working with Michael Wickerson throughout his sabbatical. The summer of 2010 was the most life inspiring and character forming summer of my artistic life. Secluding himself on his eleven acres of land in Kansas City, Kansas Michael Wickerson invited me to be his assistant in creating a unique self-run and self-sustaining studio. Our first project was forming a 30ft diameter adobe structure within three months as well as laying out the foundation of Wickerson Studios”…

-Ashley Anders, 2013



The Wickersons
Clockwise from top: Michael, Beth, Oscar, and Max Wickerson